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What is GST Registration ?

The goods and services Tax (GST) has now become an integral part of business. Team FilingDoor is all set to be your guiding angel in the course of coping up with dynamic legal environment of GST era which has eliminated the exposure to eighteen tax laws. Feel free to connect us in case any queries or questions on GST and how it affects your business.

The new GST regime mandates that all entities involved in buying or selling goods or providing services or both are required to register and obtain GSTIN. Registration is mandatory once the entity crosses a minimum threshold turnover or when an individual starts a new business that is expected to cross the prescribed turnover.

What are the required Documents ?

What steps are to Follow ?

2 - 3 Days


We need the documents mentioned above and some other basic details to initiate the process of Registration.

2 - 3 Days

Submission of Application

Once we validated the documents and information submitted, we will submit the application to the Government authorities for approval. We will also be needing additional documents or clarification if required.

3 - 5 Days

Review By Government Officer

After successful submission of application, the file will go through the process of review by Government officer, where they will validate the information and documents.

2 - 3 Days


After validating all the documents by the government officer, the officer will grant the GST Registration then a temporary Id and Password will be received on the registered mail Id.

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Yes. But it doesn’t need to be a current account. It can also be a savings bank account or personal bank account. If the business has just started and only a personal savings account is there, then you can provide the same. And once you are registered, you can apply for the new current bank account based on the GST Certificate.

Yes, GST Registration required a one legal entity name, so if you are registered as proprietorship firm then yes you can provide your any firm name. There are no name guidelines on the firm name while applying for the GST registration.

Yes, in such scenario one place will be your principle place of business, whereas other places will be used as your Additional Place of Businesses.

The following categories of persons are required to be registered compulsorily irrespective of the threshold limit :-
i) persons making any inter-State taxable supply;

ii) casual taxable persons making taxable supply;

iii) persons who are required to pay tax under reverse charge;

iv) persons who are required to pay tax under sub­section (5) of section 9;

v) non-resident taxable persons making taxable supply;

vi) persons who are required to deduct tax under section 51;

vii) persons who make taxable supply of goods or services on behalf of other registered taxable persons whether as an agent or otherwise;

viii) Input service distributor (whether or not separately registered under the Act);

ix) persons who supply goods, other than supplies specified under Section 9(5), through such e-commerce operator who is required to collect tax at source under section 52;

x) every electronic commerce operator who is required to collect tax at source under section 52;

xi) every person supplying online information and data base retrieval services from a place outside India to a person in India, other than a registered person; and,

In addition, the Government may notify other person or class of persons who shall be required to be registered mandatorily.

No. Businesses operating from a residential address can also be registered with the GST. Only the proof of address like electricity bill copy with the NOC or sale deed or rent agreement copy etc. is required.

The complete procedure of GST registration is paperless. The applicant needs not to be present personally at all.

 The mobile number of Authorized signatory be it a proprietor, partner or director as the case may be, must be linked with his Aadhaar.

Yes, GST Registration alone stand as a business registration enough to start business as a proprietor.

A supplier of goods, with an annual turnover of Rs. 40 lakh (Rs. 20 lakhs for special category States), must apply for GST registration. There are certain cases where the taxable person is liable to pay GST even though his turnover has not crossed this limit. Those providing services must get GST registration, once their turnover crosses Rs.20 lakhs and in case of Special Category States at Rs 10 lakhs.

Any person working on any valid designated position in the firm/company can be appointed as Authorized Signatory other than Proprietor/Partner/Director.

In case of Proprietorship firm, the proprietor, in case of partnership firm, any one active partner, in case of company, any one whole time director should give his/her email id and mobile number who is authorized to sign all the documents and will be called as authorized signatory.

In case of transfer of business by way of sale of business, merger or demerger, a registered taxpayer can transfer the input tax credit unutilised and available in his electronic credit ledger into another business by filing a declaration in Form GST ITC-02.

If an entity operates from more than one state, then a separate GST registration is required for each state. For example, a sweet vendor sells in U.P. and Delhi. He needs to have dual GST registration in U.P. and Delhi, respectively. A business with multiple business verticals in a state may obtain a separate registration for each vertical.


No, it can only be adjusted against the GST payable on Sales made by you. However, if due to your nature of business, the tax paid on purchase is always higher than the tax payable on sale. In such case refund can be claimed.

For e.g. If the purchase made is taxable at 12%, however the sale made is taxable at 5%. In such scenario no GST will be payable ever and the excess tax paid will stand into credit of you GST ledger. GST refund can be claimed in such cases.

Except for the changes in some core information in the registration application, a taxable person shall be able to make amendments without requiring any special approval from the tax authority.
In case the change is for the legal name of the business, or the state of place of business, the taxable person will apply have to apply for amendment within 15 days of the event. The assessing officer will then approve the amendment within the next 15 days.
For other changes like email id’s, mobile no.’s etc, no approval of the assessing officer is required and the amendment can be done by the taxable person himself from the GST Website i.e.

DSC is required only in case of the private limited company or OPC or LLP etc. for the Proprietorship Firm or Partnership Firm, it’s not required the DSC.

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